GD Series

The Guardal GD Series of Data Safes are specially designed with a second layer
of fire protection to safeguard valuable data storage devices from hazards such
as moisture, humidity, heat and magnetic fields.

Model GD1700 & GD1750
- 7 Shelves in the model GD1700
- 14 Shelves in the model GD1750
- 25MM Locking boltwork
- Wooden finish inside
- Designed to give 2 hour fire protection
- Dual User codes
- digital keypad entry

Download 'GD Series' brochure (700Kb PDF)

GD340Ext 340mmExt 435mmExt 370mm47 Kg
Int 130mmInt 225mmInt 120mm
GD370Ext 345mmExt 485mmExt 400mm64 Kg
Int 107mmInt 245mmInt 187mm
GD510Ext 485mmExt 345mmExt 400mm64 Kg
Int 250mmInt 110mmInt 185mm
GD670Ext 610mmExt 500mmExt 470mm120 Kg
Int 358mmInt 240mmInt 190mm
GD880Ext 875mmExt 590mmExt 500mm205 Kg
Int 554mmInt 334mmInt 241mm
GD1000Ext 985mmExt 600mmExt 530mm242 Kg
Int 664mmInt 334mmInt 244mm
GD1700Ext 1690mmExt 800mmExt 635mm584 Kg
Int 1440mmInt 630mmInt 460mm
GD1750Ext 1690mmExt 1150mmExt 635mm855 Kg
Int 2 x 1440mmInt 2 x 380mmInt 2 x 340mm