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Even the best security fences will eventually need to be replaced with new, structurally stable variants. If you’re looking to upgrade the security around your business, you may wish to complete a thorough inspection of your property, to spot any potential weak points. Here are 3 reasons why you may need a new security fence around your business.

1: Your Security Fence May Be Damaged Or Old 

Around your fence perimeter, clear any debris such as timber posts or large items that would aid a burglar in climbing your fence. Keeping your fence clear also allows you to keep an eye out for signs of damage, such as heavy rust or broken sections. Vulnerable fencing areas are an open invitation for intruders to try their luck and break in!

You may also wish to look at your fence from the side to determine whether it’s leaning or sagging. Whilst small sections can potentially be replaced or reinforced in the short term, overall sagging is a clear indication that your fence is nearing the end of its lifetime and requires replacement. 

2: Your Security Fence Is Not Constructed Out Of An Appropriate Material  

There are a huge range of security and electric fences and gates in Perth, but is your current fence up to the task of securing your property? Typically, picket fencing and other types of residential fences are largely inadequate when it comes to securing a commercial property. The reason for this is that they simply aren’t built with the durability or features of quality security or steel fence. 

High-quality security fences are built from durable alloys that prevent tampering and damage by traditional hand tools. In addition, they are often designed with a lack of hand and footholds for anti-climb protection. 

Other additions such as razor wire fencing and Croc Top spikes are an excellent addition to increase security around your businesses’ perimeter. Electric fencing is also an excellent choice for businesses needing to secure valuable equipment, as well as keeping staff safe onsite.

3: Your Existing Security Fence Was Poorly Installed

Installing a new security fence can be costly, both in terms of time, money and disruption to your business. When selecting your new security fence, remember to consider it an investment in your business.

Cost-cutting with low-quality materials and cheap labour is sure to come back to bite you! Whilst a cheap fence may make you feel safe, its real test will be if it can withstand the harsh Australian elements and damage from burglars. 

Hiring reliable fencing contractors is a point we can’t stress enough. Experienced fencing contractors will proudly be able to show their credentials, including an accreditation with an industry body such as ASIAL (Australian Security Industry Association Ltd) and police clearance. This is why it is important to understand the 3 reasons why you need a new security fence around your business!


Types of Security Fencing

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