Bondi Junction Westfield Incident Creates New Calls for Pepper Spray Legalisation

Man holding pepper spray

In light of the recent tragic events at Bondi Junction Westfield, U R Safe’s Director, Jeff Rodwell, is just one of many voices calling for the legalisation of pepper spray Australia-wide.

However, carrying and using pepper spray for self-defence in WA is only allowed under strict conditions.

Demand Grows for the Legalisation of Pepper Spray

Since April 13th, U R Safe has witnessed a quadrupling in orders for pepper spray and personal security products.

Pepper spray, also known as OC spray, is a non-lethal means of incapacitating attackers by inducing a painful burning sensation and temporary vision impairment.

Man holding pepper spray

Despite its effectiveness, pepper spray is illegal to sell, purchase, and carry everywhere in Australia – except WA.

In the aftermath of the Bondi Junction tragedy, voices like Melbourne influencer Jayde Howard and our Director, Jeff, have called for a reconsideration of laws surrounding pepper spray.

Jayde’s online petition advocating for the legalisation of pepper spray for women’s self-protection has gained significant traction, garnering thousands of signatures.

Be Proactive, and Update Your Personal Safety Toolkit

For West Aussies, consider adding pepper spray to your personal safety toolkit.

For anyone outside of WA, there are other products you can legally purchase to help you feel safer. Personal alarms are small, inconspicuous devices that emit a loud alarm (130db) when the keychain is pulled, or the button is pushed. In an emergency, this may cause an attacker to flee, keeping you safe from harm.

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