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Perth’s Leading Supplier of Guardall Business Safes

At U R Safe, we supply and install business safes to keep your confidential office documentation and possessions secure from theft or fire. With over 30 years of experience in the security industry and as Silver Members of ASIAL, we’re here to provide you with the technical knowledge and expertise to find the right safe to suit your business needs. 

Guardall is Australia’s leading safe manufacturer and builds high-security safes for many industries, including retail, hospitality, government, Police force, pharmaceuticals, and many more. Whether your business requires a large safe for firearms or a small safe for confidential documents, you can receive peace of mind that high-quality Guardall safes protect your important items.

Business Security Vaults and Safety Deposit Boxes

At U R Safe, we supply, install and monitor Guardall security vaults. If your security needs or valuables exceed the size of standard safes, security vaults are the perfect solution. Security vaults are ideal for regular use by government and corporate institutions such as police stations and pharmaceutical companies. Contact our experienced team at U R Safe to discuss premium Guardall security vaults for your business today.

Business Key Safes and Cabinets

Whether a hotel, car dealership, real estate office or commercial facilities management, protecting valuable assets like keys, security cards and fobs is essential. At U R Safe, we supply a range of reliable key safes and cabinets available online for Australia-wide delivery. Our range of Guardall key safes and cabinets are heavy-duty and ensure high-end protection of your valuable business items.

Business Gun Safes

From a single handgun to multiple rifles, securely store firearms and protect your piece of mind with our range of business gun safes. At U R Safe, we supply and install only the highest quality Guardall gun safes and rifle cabinets, available to purchase online with delivery across Australia. All our gun safes are approved by the Australian Police and are suitable for domestic and commercial applications. If you’re considering expanding your gun safety, we also install ammunition safes that are perfect for small items, handguns and more.

Business Deposit and Cash Safes

Protect your organisation’s cash deposits, cheques, and other business valuables against prying eyes and theft with our range of business deposit and cash safes. All deposit safes come equipped with protective features to make the safe impossible to penetrate and protected against drilling and grinding, oxy-acetylene cutting equipment, explosives, pneumatic and hydraulic tools.

Business Drug Safes

Secure drugs and medications from forced entry and theft with our range of business drug safes. We provide high-quality Guardall drug and medicine safes constructed to comply with all current Australian Health Department Rules and Regulations. Our Guardall medicine and drug safes suit drug inventories and applications of all sizes, whether operating in a hospital, pharmacy, veterinary clinic or medical clinic.

Fire Resistant Business Safes

At U R Safe, we specialise in safes for businesses to protect valuables, confidential documents and data against extreme heat and flames. Our fire-resistant business safes are made with high-quality fire insulation materials and are suitable for commercial properties in bushfire-prone areas. Fire-resistant safes are available in a wide range of sizes and styles including data and document safes, cabinets, drug safes and more.

Business Safe Installation 

As your premier business safe supplier in Perth, our safe installation services are stress-free and competitively priced for your convenience. We install safes at small offices, government buildings, banks, hospitals, pharmacies, and commercial premises. Opting for professional safe installation ensures your valuables will be secure, even in the event of a professional attack.

By installing your safe in an ideal location to the manufacturer’s instructions, you’re safeguarded against potentially damaging your safe, hurting yourself, or taking away from the security of the safe itself. At U R Safe, we provide safe installation across Perth, or we can organise your safe installation anywhere in Australia. To speak with us about your safe installation, please contact us at 0419 937 229 today.


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