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Pepper Spray: Is it legal, and where can you buy it in Australia?

Over the years, there has been an ongoing debate surrounding self-defence pepper spray in Australia, [...]

What Are The Best Home Safes in Perth?

What are the best home safes in Perth and why do you need a safe? [...]

CCTV Security Cameras: Protecting Your Business

CCTV Security Cameras For Businesses Investing in CCTV security cameras is a must for any [...]

Why A Personal Fall Alarm Can Help Save Lives

Do you have a loved one that may require assistance with everyday living? A GPS [...]

Drug Safe Legality In WA

Are You Compliant With The WA Medicine Storage Regulations? Drug and Medication Safes are used [...]

Top Security Fencing for Businesses

Will your business be closed during the public holidays? Have you implemented effective security measures [...]

Protecting Your Home From Intruders

Protecting your home from intruders is something we should all take seriously. Often protecting our [...]

What If My Electric Fence Stops Working?

Often, we speak with people who ask “what if my electric fence stops working?”. There [...]

Top Reasons Why You Should Have A Professional Safe In Your Home

So maybe you have thought about having a home safe but decided it wasn’t worth [...]

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