CCTV Security Cameras: Protecting Your Business

CCTV Security Cameras For Businesses

Investing in CCTV security cameras is a must for any business. No matter if you operate a cafe, corporate office, mine site, trade yard or retail store, securing your business and the valuable assets within it is a top priority. 

Long gone are the days of grainy footage and an office full of security tapes. Modern CCTV (Closed-Circuit Television) cameras are reliable, adaptable and purpose-built with enhanced features that really set them apart from older models. Here is our advice for security cameras and protecting your business.

How Do Security Cameras Operate?

There is a range of options when it comes to powering your new CCTV camera. Depending on the model selected and your needs, you may select from either:

  • WiFi & Wireless Cameras: Wireless security camera systems can run as a stand-alone, battery-operated unit. A great option if there’s a power outage!
  • Wired Systems: Wired security systems will need professional installation and run off of the building’s main power supply.
  • Solar-Powered Cameras: Another wireless system, these cameras can be placed anywhere on your property, so long as the panel receives good quality light. 

What To Look For When Choosing Security Cameras

Modern security systems come in a range of models, all with different features at varying price points. Selecting the right system will depend on the needs and layout of your business.

  1. Smartphone control: Some cameras can be remotely operated via android or iOS devices. Aside from viewing the camera’s footage, certain systems can be tilted, adjusted and zoomed-in via a compatible smartphone app. 
  2. 2-Way Audio: Imagine capturing an intruders’ conversation or greeting your guests remotely!
  3. Resolution: Capturing an intruder’s face is arguably the most vital function of a security system camera. High-quality systems will offer either 1080p or 4K resolution. 
  4. Weatherproofing: This is a must for your front door and any cameras that will be placed outside. Be sure that your CCTV camera is rated to the environment that it will be placed in.
  5. Battery life: Wireless cameras can be a great, easy to install system however their batteries will need to be placed periodically. Avoid climbing up that ladder by choosing a long life CCTV system.
  6. Night Vision: Don’t let burglars operate under the cover of darkness, most good quality cameras possess night vision capabilities that can see out to several meters.
  7. Heat & Motion Sensors: Whether you’re expecting a delivery or looking out for suspicious activity. Setting up your camera to notify you about activity on your premises is a must. 


Looking to upgrade your security? Contact the team at U R Safe to discuss your needs.

With over 30 years in the security business, U R Safe can supply, install and repair a range of security solutions for your home and business.

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