Corromesh Fencing

Corromesh 358 fencing is a leading anti-climb, mesh fencing product and is extremely difficult to penetrate with traditional hand tools. This wire mesh fencing has a smooth, non-invasive corrugated appearance, whilst maintaining superior strength.

Anti-Climb Security Mesh

Corromesh 358 anti-climb security mesh has no foot or hand holes and a spiked top, discouraging would be intruders.

Corromesh fencing offers an aesthetically pleasing appearance, with high visibility whilst maintaining maximum security.  The use of adjustable double C section posts, along with tamper proof security clips and fixings aids the security features of this system.

High visibility allows for the use of surveillance equipment, such as security cameras, without affecting visual sight lines.

U R Safe supply Corromesh 358 in wide range of powder coated colour finishes, as well as a standard zinc alloy finish.

High Security Fencing

High security fencing is not just used to stop would be thieves and trespassers, but also to protect workers and the general public from potential harm.

Corromesh 358 can be used for:

  • Local Government depots
  • Government utilities such as water, electricity, gas and rail facilities
  • Industrial developments
  • Machine guard fencing for factories
  • Walkways and bridges
  • Substation fencing
  • Waterway and park fencing
  • Corromesh® 358 gates
  • A range of other industrial/commercial security fence uses such as balustrades security fencing

Corromesh high security fencing can be used in conjunction with electric fencing and razor wire fencing systems.

U R Safe’s professional team will work with you, to provide the best high security perimeter fencing solution.

Corromesh 358 Supply & Installation

Corromesh 358 supply and installation has never been easier with U R Safe’s highly experienced and fully ASIAL registered team. All of U R Safe’s team are also registered with the WA Police. We have completed many private and Government projects, ranging from detention facility perimeter fencing, to security fencing for the NBN satellite substations throughout W.A.

Corromesh 358 Maintenance & Repair

U R Safe not only supply and install, but we provide Corromesh 358 maintenance and repair, no matter who did the original job for you.

U R Safe offer over 25 years’ experience in the Security industry and as a trusted silver member of ASIAL, you can be rest assured you are safe with U R Safe.

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