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Croc Top fencing is Australia’s leading solution for fence spikes, an easy to install fence topper and available to purchase in our U R Safe online store.

Croc Top security fence spikes are designed to discourage intruders from attempting to climb over security walls and fencing.  This fencing topper is designed to sit on top of colorbond fencing, brickwork, chain-link, or masonry walls, is extremely strong and cannot be bent or twisted.

Security spikes for walls and fences are a great solution for commercial and industrial properties, plus are the perfect anti-climb security spike solution for those in areas of high crime, have stored equipment, machinery or business’s at home.

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Fence Spikes

Fence spikes are a spiked metal topping that can be fixed to the rail of security fencing system like Securemax or residential Colorbond fencing.

Croc Top fencing offers a non-intrusive appearance, as we supply a galvanised or powder coated finish and a range of colorbond fencing colours to match your existing fence.


  • Residential Properties
  • Commercial Buildings
  • Electrical Substations
  • Industrial Perimeters
  • Low Security Correctional Facilities

Anti Burglar Fence Spikes

Croc Top fence spikes are the perfect anti burglar fence spikes to detract would be intruders.  U R Safe supply Croc Top Fencing Australia wide for residential and commercial applications. We are often contacted by real estate property managers to supply and install anti climb fence spikes in multi unit developments, usually as a result of previous break ins. We can match the croc top fencing spikes to the brickwork of the development, as seen in the examples below, as well as matching to existing fencing systems.

Purchase Croc Top Fencing

Purchase Croc Top fencing in our one-stop online store today. This easy to install anti-climb system is available in 2.4m lengths of flat strip or angled.

U R Safe offer shipping Australia wide. Select your choice of galvanised or powder coated colorbond finish. If you don’t see the colour online to match your existing fence, please contact us directly to have us match it for you.

Croc Top Before and After

Croc Top Fencing Installation 

U R Safe’s experienced team don’t just service the Perth Metro area, we also provide installation, maintenance and repair services throughout regional Western Australia.

As a trusted silver member of ASIAL (15 years), our professional team are highly experienced and we are also WA Police licenced.

For professional advice or a more customised fencing solution, contact our experienced team today.

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