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We have a range of deposit safes to suit all your needs from a simple design with a 6mm door and 3mm body, pick resistant lock and bolt down holes in the base; to a deposit safe, that’s design is made to give a high level of resistance to professional attack by means such as: drilling and grinding, oxy- acetylene cutting equipment, explosives, pneumatic and hydraulic tools, with a high quality USA manufactured La Gard digital lock and S & G dial combination lock for long lasting reliability.

Keep banknotes, cash deposits and other valuables away from prying eyes and potential theft or fraud.

Deposit Safe Installation

U R Safe offers professional installation and relocation services throughout Perth and the Greater South West. Our highly experienced and discreet team are registered with ASIAL and the W.A Police Force. Professional installation ensures the safety of your safe’s location, placement and its integrity from potential theft and damage.

Whether you require cash depository safes for your home or business, U R Safe have something for you, from small cash depository boxes to large deposit safes. We supply only the highest quality safes on the market.

Buy deposit safes via our online store or contact our highly experienced team, we are here to help with your order and any advice you require.  Our online store also offers Australia wide shipping.

U R always safe with U R Safe.



Deposit Safes

DP450 Deposit Safe


Deposit Safes

FLD3 Deposit Safe