Drug Safe Legality In WA

Are You Compliant With The WA Medicine Storage Regulations? Drug and Medication Safes are used in different settings such as hospitals, dental practices, pharmacies, doctor’s offices and medical practices to safely store prescription drugs that comply with the Australian Drug Storage Regulation. 


WA Medicine Storage Regulations

As outlined by the Australian Department of Health, it is the legal responsibility for parties possessing prescription drugs or Schedule 8 medicines to ensure that they are securely stored in a drug safe that is designed to comply with health and pharmaceutical standards. 

Likewise, the Government of Western Australia has published literature on this subject including articles such as the ‘Storage Of Medicines and Poisons’ which expressly state that “all Scheduled medicines include over the counter medicines, prescription medicines and controlled drugs”, and are to be stored specifically so they cannot be accessed by the public or children.


Why Medication Safety Is Important:

  • Prohibits access by the general public 
  • Stops accidental consumption by children
  • Separates prescription drugs from common household items
  • Prevents employee misconduct such as the theft and trade of controlled substances 
  • Maintains correct Medication Quality and Environment Storage.
  • Prevents cross-contamination with food and beverages.


Safe Medicine Storage Tips

To better follow Government regulations, please consider the following tips when selecting your U R Safe Drug Safe.

  • Calculate the amount of medication being stored, including any potential overstock, to best determine the size of the safe required.
  • Place the safe in a cool, dry place away from heat, moisture and access by the public.
  • Keep all medicine in its original container with correct dosages and expiry dates being visible, checking them regularly. 
  • Seek advice about the correct disposal of expired prescription drugs and Schedule 8 medicines. 


Where To Buy Drug Safes In Perth

U R Safe provides premium-grade Drug and Medical Safes that can be purchased online with Austwide shipping. We offer the top-recommended professional safe installation service in Australia. 

Drug safes must be installed by a licensed professional, to adhere to Australian health and pharmaceutical specifications. Our highly experienced team are all registered with ASIAL and the Western Australian Police.


Check out our range of safes, or contact us today if you’re struggling to find the right safe. 

Contact sales@ursafe.com.au to discuss and organise a quote tailored to your specific needs.

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