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Our medical safes are constructed to the Australian health and pharmaceutical specifications. These medical safes have a 10mm steel body and door, 6 lever pick resistant lock, adjustable shelves, bolt down holes in the back and base and they all have the option of a digital keypad.

Drug safes must be installed by a licensed professional, to adhere to Australian health and pharmaceutical specifications. U R Safe offer professional, licensed, safe installation and relocation services throughout Perth and the greater South West.

Our highly experienced team are all registered with ASIAL and the Western Australian Police.

Medicine Safe

U R Safe offer premium grade chemist and hospital safes for commercial use, to medicine safes for homes and businesses alike. We know how important it is to secure your pharmaceuticals safely, protecting not only from theft, but to protect children and vulnerable adults from accidental consumption and overdose.

Hospital grade medical safes provide not only security from external theft but offers a safe way to keep track of your inventory and monitor employee access to stock, this protects not only you as an employer, but protects your employees also.

Medicinal drug safes are perfect for any workplace, whether a remote mine site, offshore rig or large retail facility, managing employee personal medical requirements and being prepared for any emergency, large and small, is an integral part of any company’s health & safety management plan.

Coupling your medical safe with a professional monitoring system, such as CCTV is another great way to monitor and protect access and inventory.

Buy your medical safe online, via our online store, with shipping available Australia wide.

If you require assistance with your purchase, installation, relocation or professional advice, contact our expert team, we are always here to help.

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