With over 30 years experience and as a trusted Silver Member of ASIAL (Australian Security Industry Association Limited), our highly professional and skilled team at U R Safe have completed many government & private sector electric fencing contracts throughout Perth and regional Western Australia.

We provide all aspects of electric fencing, including supply, installation, repairs, maintenance and 24/7 monitoring. It is important to engage professionals to install your electric fence, as you could injure yourself or others if you install incorrectly.  U R Safe provide comprehensive perimeter security fencing systems at competitive rates, so it does not cost you more to put safety first.

Some of the security applications we’ve completed are:

  • Securing the NBN (National Broadband Network) project throughout WA
  • Rural properties and livestock farms.
  • Commercial, such as car yards, machinery yards and hire yards.
  • Civil contracts, such as WaterCorp, Western Power and supporting industries.

What is an Electric Fence?

Electric Security Fencing is the latest technology in perimeter security. It prevents would-be intruders from entering your property to either vandalise, rob, or threaten you and your business. This is the answer to stopping criminals before they enter your premises.

An electric fence, also known as an Electric Detection System (EDS) can be attached to your existing fencing or we can provide a total perimeter fencing solution for your business.  

Traditionally electric fencing has been associated with chain link fencing, however there are many fencing systems we can install electric fencing on, which may be aesthetically more pleasing. Two of the most popular fencing systems we supply with electric fencing are Corromesh and SecureMax 358 perimeter security fencing. Many of our clients also require razorwire across the top or bottom of their fencing system for added protection. Each fencing system has its own benefits, and we often use a combination of systems together to create a tailored solution for each client.

Some of the ways we integrate electric fencing are:

  • Attached to perimeter fencing and gates.
  • Mounted to walls, buildings and roofs.
  • Integrated with security and lighting systems.
  • Electric fence, alarm system and GSM mobile phone dial out can be installed on powered or non-powered sites, using solar power.

How does an Electric Fence work?

  • A strong visual and psychological deterrent by way of signs on the fence indicating that the fence is pulse electrified and monitored by security alarm.
  • Height of the electrified fence is a physical and psychological barrier, as climbing over the fence is considered very unlikely, as it won’t hold their body weight.
  • A deterrent if contact is made with a pulse wire by the intruder. The intruder will receive a short, sharp, safe electric shock. The shock will have the effect of compelling them to release their hold through an involuntary reaction.
  • A security alarm activation, should the intruder continue to attack or attempt to penetrate the fence by cutting, climbing over or through the fence to enter the property.
  • A security guard response to active security alarm, which will scare off or apprehend the intruders.

Electric Fence Monitoring

Whether your electric fence is on mains, battery or solar power, we have monitoring services to suit every application. 

The electric fence energiser can be a stand alone unit, which can have a security siren, strobe light, and a dialler fitted, which will alert any alarm activations to a security monitoring company, 24/7.

An electric fence energiser is controlled by a security alarm system which could be existing or new. The alarm system will turn on or off the energiser and activate using its own siren, strobe light and dialler. U R Safe can fit a new alarm system when fitting your electric fencing if an existing alarm system is not already on the premises.
The security alarm system is also commonly used as a time management tool, with the ability to set up automated email reports generated on a daily, weekly or monthly basis (as required), to track the use of access points by personnel, couriers and other frequent user of the property.

Benefits of Installing an Electric Fence

Electric fences can save money in your business, by reducing downtime and inconvenience due to vandalism and theft.

So, how can electric fencing save you money?

  • Security Guard patrols may not be required, due to fence protecting property 24/7.
  • No more theft or vandalism to property or equipment.
  • No more down time or inconvenience due to theft and vandalism to property.
  • Able to get insurance for property, where before property was un-insurable due to security concerns.
  • Reduction in insurance premiums, less claims and better security in place for property. 

Electric Fence Supplies

There are many components of electric fences and each project will require a variety of electric fence supplies, from electric fence energisers available in mains, battery or solar power, to signage, which by Australian Standards is required to be displayed every ten metres on electric fencing.

Contact us via our quote form to enquire about the electric fence supplies that are required for your project. We ship all over Australia and organise installers in your area.

Electric Fence Repairs and Maintenance

Like any electrical device, electric fencing requires regular servicing and maintenance.  Vandals and thieves may also try to damage electric fencing, plus clients have been to known to accidently back into fencing. U R Safe provide a comprehensive repairs and maintenance service to our existing clients and new clients, regardless of whether we installed your electric fence.

Temporary Electric Fence

We offer competitive prices and flexible rental agreements, with support and technical advice, reliable after care service and maintenance agreements.  Whether you require temporary electric fencing for a commercial or civil project, we have rental options to suit your timeframe and requirements.

Offering competitive prices, rental agreements, reliable after care and monitoring services. U R always safe with U R Safe!

  Perimeter Monitored Electric Security Fencing Info

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