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Fencing Supplies Perth

Security Fencing Suppliers Perth

U R Safe is the premium commercial fencing contractor and supplier in Perth and regional WA. Whether it’s industrial fencing supplies or security fencing, your business has never felt so secure with our products and services.

If your business needs a security boost, we have over 30 years of experience supplying fencing in Australia, so you can feel confident knowing you’re going to get the best quality products at a competitive price.

We also offer online purchasing for some of our products, plus the full range of services from installation to maintenance and repairs, no matter your business’ location.

Fencing Supplies

With a huge range of fencing supplies available to consumers, it can be difficult to know what’s best for your commercial business or building. Keeping employees safe, inventory secure, and livestock guarded can be a stressful experience, so knowing which products are right for you is key.

Fencing supplies may range from wooden fence posts designed for rural properties, to electric fencing, to razor wire. Whether you’re updating your whole fence or simply adding security features will also determine your ideal product.

We are one of the biggest security fencing suppliers and contractors in Perth and regional WA because we take pride in only supplying the best quality to our customers.

Whether you need industrial fencing, electric fencingcroc top fencing or rural fencing, U R Safe is your one-stop shop. With our huge range of security products, the stress of making the best decision for the security of your business is totally taken care of.

Steel Fencing Perth

steel security fence supplies perth

Steel fencing products are the best choice for security purposes for commercial businesses, government depots, or high security holding facilities.

Whether it’s for keeping intruders out, or animals in, steel fencing is strong in weather conditions, can look intimidating or attractive depending on your needs, and with regular maintenance and care, will last longer than other style products.

Our top steel fencing for Perth properties are razor wire fencingelectric fencing, and corromesh fencing.

Electric Fence Supplies Perth

industrial electric fence perth

Electric fencing offers the ultimate in security by being one of (if not the most) intimidating and effective styles of fence. Warning signs are the first line of defence, cautioning would-be intruders that the fence is pulse electrified and monitored.

This style of fencing can be newly installed with your choice of style and height, or our systems can be installed on most existing fence structures.

As one of the most effective deterrents of intruders or burglars, you’ll feel completely secure in the safety of your business.

Corromesh Fence Supplies

corromesh security fence perth

Corromesh 358 fencing is a state of the art steel security fence, featuring a unique design without hand or foot-holds, making it impossible to climb.

The design offers top security, while maintaining a visually pleasing appearance and high-visibility, meaning security cameras can see through the wire mesh.

These features mean Corromesh 358 is an exceptional all-rounder steel fencing product, as it increases the overall security of your property without compromising on appearance.

Razor Wire Fencing Supplies 

razor wire security fence supplies perth

Razor wire fencing is a fantastic security product, featuring super sharp blades that not only make it impossible to climb, but offer a strong visual deterrent.

With a variety of product styles to choose from, including flat wrap, single ring, or galvanised Concertina razor wire, you’ll create an imposing image around your property.

Older-style barbed wire fences have become less effective over the years, so this updated style has created an optimum level of security, keeping commercial properties safer.

Anti Burglar Fence Spikes

croc top fencing anti theft security

Anti-burglar fence spikes, also known as croc top fencing, is an effective method of enhancing your current fencing situation to give it the security edge it needs.

This versatile, strong product can be applied in a variety of different circumstances, as it offers a non-intrusive appearance, while maintaining optimum anti-climb security.

Depending on local regulations, you could have anti-burglar fence spikes installed on your existing fence, or we have a great range of security fencing to suit any budget and need.

Rural Fencing Supplies Perth

rural fencing supplies western australia perth

The agricultural nature of WA means we have unique rural fencing requirements throughout Perth and our outer regions.

Farm fencing needs to be safe for your livestock and animals, keeping them safely inside the property, while protecting them from potential hazards or vermin.

Choosing durable, long lasting materials that will continue to keep your property safe for many years to come is important, and it’s why we take pride in only offering our customers the best quality rural fencing products.

Farm Fencing Supplies Perth

Farm fencing is an important facet of security fencing, as it’s essential not only to farmer’s livelihoods but the health and wellness of their livestock.

Farm fencing supplies include materials such as steel posts and pine logs, fencing wire, mesh and netting, or gates.

A one-stop-shop that supplies the materials necessary to keep your rural property safe, and also takes care of installation and maintenance, is going to make your busy life easier and stress-free.

Fencing Supplies Cost 

When looking for a professional to install your home security needs, check they are registered with the WA Police and ASIAL. Taking the cheaper quote may mean you’re putting your business and employees at risk.

Offering our customers the best value fencing supplies is one of our top priorities, and it’s why we also offer rental fencing in the event that our products are only needed temporarily. Whether it’s for fencing supplies cost or fencing installation contractors cost, get in touch today by calling us on 0419 937 229, or email to get a quote for all your fencing supplies needs in Perth and WA.

We have Austwide shipping for our security fencing products and offer professional installation across Australia.


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Fencing Supplies Perth

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Fencing Supplies Perth

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