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Our range of firearm and gun safes are made to keep your guns and rifles safe and securely locked away to protect you, your family and business from theft and potential harm. We have a range of safes that can be used to store everything from a single handgun to multiple rifles. All our gun safes are approved by the Australian Police and are suitable for both domestic and commercial applications.

Ammunition safes are another important requirement to consider as an extra safety option, installed separately to house ammunition, our ammunition safes are also perfect for a single handgun or that precious family heirloom or collector’s item. Ammunition safes are easily concealed and as with any gun safe or rifle cabinet, we recommend professional installation.

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U R Safe supply only the highest quality gun safes and rifle cabinets that are suitable for remote properties and work sites. Rifle and gun safes protect not only you as the owner and are required by law, but they protect your precious family members and employees from misuse and accidental harm.

As well as professional installation, it is always advisable to have security monitoring installed wherever you house your gun safe or cabinet, security monitoring such as CCTV is a great way to monitor. U R Safe provide professional installation and monitoring services throughout Perth and the Greater South West. U R Safe’s experienced team are registered with ASIAL and the Western Australian Police.

U R Safe’s online store also offers rifle cabinets and gun safes for sale, with Australia wide shipping.

If you’re not sure which gun safe is right for you contact us for professional advice and assistance.

In addition to gun and firearm safes, you may want to view our complete selection of home and commercial safes which can be found here.

U R always safe with U R Safe.


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