How To Choose The Best Home Safes 

Best Home Safes

When it comes to finding the best home safe for you and your family, you might want to consider a number of factors before selecting your model. For general domestic security, most people would probably agree that they’re after a safe that’s good quality and also easy to use. Realistically, the best safe is likely going to be the one that balances the security you need with the type of items you intend on keeping safe. Here’s our advice on how to choose the best home safes.


What Will You Be Keeping In Your Home Safe?

When selecting the best safe for your needs, consider the items that will be stored in it. 

For instance, you may need to look into a safe with adequate space to store documents, without creasing or damaging them. 

Some common items you’ll likely want to factor into account include:

  • Documents & Passports 
  • Collectibles
  • Jewellery
  • Money 

Depending on the valuables stored inside each safe, you may wish to review your insurance policy to ensure you’re still covered. Each safe is accompanied by a cash safe rating, which indicates the total amount of valuables that can be stored within it. This value can vary from $5,000 to $50,000 AUD, depending on the model selected. 


How Do I Lock My Home Safe?

Depending on the model and your personal preference, a variety of safes exist with various locking mechanisms, these include:

  • Dial combination: A numerical combination is selected via adjusting a dial.
  • Digital keypad: A numerical combination is entered on a keypad, much like the passcode on a smartphone.
  • Key: A traditional key is used to open the safe.


Is My Home Safe Fireproof?

Before selecting your home safe, check if the model offers any fire or waterproofing capability. After all, certain areas of Australia are notorious for bushfires and flooding. In the event of a house fire or natural disaster, the best home safes will provide some defence against the elements. Whilst this does not make them invulnerable to damage, it may give you the extra time you need to retrieve irreplaceable belongings or for emergency services to neutralise the threat.


Where Will You Be Placing Your Home Safes?

Home safes are measured by both their internal capacity and external dimensions, with each safe model possessing varying wall thicknesses. You’ll want to use the interior dimensions when deciding what will be stored inside, whilst the external size is a useful indicator of how much space you’ll need to store the overall device. 


When placing your safe, consider a location that an intruder is unlikely to suspect. If a burglar can’t find your home safe to begin with, then your values are even more secure. Other home safes are designed to be bolted down or placed within floors and walls so that they can’t be carried off. In an instance like this, you’ll want to contact a professional safe installer such as U R Safe for best results. 

Looking for your next home safe? Contact U R Safe for expert advice, products and professional installation.

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