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Floor safes are a great way to conceal a safe, they have a flush fitting lid which aids in its concealment and all our in-floor safes offer fire protection.

U R Safe stock a range of floor safes that are built from a heavy duty solid steel construction, when fully encased in cement these floor safes are impenetrable and is recommended as your best option for concealing and securing your valuables within your floor or walls.

These floor safe’s come with a thick plated steel door and solid steel locking bolts and a spacious interior. The range has a high-quality digital keypad lock and secondary relocking systems for added security. Additionally, the spring-loaded door allows the door to open smoothly.

Wall Safes

Wall and floor safes are commonly used by restaurants, petrol stations, businesses and homeowners.

Storing your precious jewellery and other valuables at home is only advisable with the right security safe. As mentioned, in-floor safes are best when cemented in a concrete pad or wall allowing them to be easily concealed from prying eyes and attempted theft. The same can be said for any business choosing a floor safe as their option for cash and other valuables. Ensuring the safe is concealed helps to prevent and deter the threat of theft.

U R Safe also offer discreet professional installation and monitoring services throughout Perth and the Greater South West.  Our team are registered with ASIAL and the Western Australian Police.

Monitoring systems can be used in combination with your floor safe, U R Safe stock a range of security monitoring systems such as CCTV, for commercial and home use. Professional installation will ensure your monitoring is not obvious or highlighting the location of your safe.

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