Rental Options

U R Safe Pty Ltd provides all our customers with the option to rent.

Why Rent?

1. No high upfront costs, with minimal installation fee,
    meaning more cash fl ow

2. Monthly payments

3. Compounds safe 24/7 monitored

4. Heavy Machinery can stay in compound no need to drive
    back to Depot – saving on wages and overtime

5. Tax deductable – Ask your accountant

6. Flexibility - Short term (minimum of 6 months) or Long
    term rental options

7. Solar power units supplied in non powered areas
    no need to pay energy companies thousands of dollars
    to connect power.

• Compounds

• Sub-Divisions

• Sub-Stations

• Depots

• Short or Long Term Rental Available

• or Buy the fence outright

Example Rental Installations

Rental EDS System Before Shot 1
Before Installation (insecure)
  Rental EDS System After Shot 1
After Installation (secured)
Rental EDS System Before Shot 2
Before Installation (equipment vulnerable)
  Rental EDS System After Shot 2
After Installation (equipment secure and monitored)