Pepper Spray: Is it legal, and where can you buy it in Australia?

Pepper Spray personal protection
Over the years, there has been an ongoing debate surrounding self-defence pepper spray in Australia, leaving many individuals confused and questioning, ‘where is pepper spray legal in Australia, and what are my rights to carry it?’ Whether your daily commute involves walking alone or you have been in an unfortunate situation where you have to use self-defence – carrying a powerful product like pepper spray could be the decisive factor that can help save your life or another’s.  

What is pepper spray used for?

Pepper spray is a popular self-defence tool that can increase safety and protect you from potentially harmful individuals or animals. At UR Safe, we proudly provide self-defence pepper spray available for online purchase in Western Australia. Pepper spray is widely known for its potent formula that has deterred criminals for many years. Also known as capsicum or OC spray, pepper spray contains concentrated hot pepper resin extract. Pepper spray can immobilise attackers in seconds, with extreme effects that last up to 20 minutes.  The potent pepper extract causes the attacker’s eyes, nose, throat and lungs to inflame, resulting in immediate, temporary blindness and shortness of breath. This, in turn, makes it extremely difficult for the attacker to cause further harm and allows you to get away and find help.  

Is pepper spray legal?

Pepper spray is legal in Perth and throughout Western Australia. Unlike in WA, pepper spray is classed as a prohibited weapon in all other states of Australia (NSW, NT, SA, VIC & QLD) and, therefore, cannot be owned or used in self-defence against another person.  In WA, pepper spray falls under the Western Australian Weapons Act 1999 as a “controlled weapon”. This permits a person to carry it for lawful defence if they have reasonable grounds for suspicion or belief they will need pepper spray to defend themselves.  This means if you’re found with pepper spray on your person, you must provide proof of reasonable belief or suspicion for why you’re carrying it. These restrictions are in place to deter mass individuals from carrying pepper spray, not to prevent someone with reasonable grounds from obtaining self-defence pepper spray.  

Where can you buy pepper spray in Australia?

Western Australia is the only state where pepper spray is legally sold and owned. If you’re 18+ and live in WA, you can buy our quality, powerful pepper spray online in three sizes (10g, 45g, & 75g).  Buying pepper spray from a trusted source will not only ensure you’re receiving a safe, high-quality product but also provide peace of mind you won’t run into any sticky situations with the law.  

What’s the difference between mace spray and pepper spray?

Mace and pepper spray are two terms used to describe self-defence sprays on the market. The difference between Mace and pepper spray is that Mace is actually a brand specialising in manufacturing pepper spray, commonly found in the US.  Pepper spray is also made explicitly from capsicum/hot pepper extract. In contrast, traditional Mace typically contains a chemical base and does not have the same effects as pepper spray.  

Other methods of legal self-defence

At UR Safe, we believe everyone has the right to feel safe and have the opportunity to protect themselves in the event of an attack. If you live in states where pepper spray is illegal (NSW, NT, SA, VIC or QLD), our range of UR Safe personal security products can help you feel less vulnerable and protect you from potentially life-threatening situations. Like pepper spray, a personal alarm system is a powerful deterrent when activated close to an attacker. We also offer alarm systems for homes and businesses to fit entrances and sound off a siren when a window or door is tampered with.  Understanding the legalities surrounding self-defence can be daunting. Contact our friendly UR Safe specialists today to discuss your personal, home or business security.
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