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Pepper spray, which is also known as capsicum or OC spray, contains concentrated red-hot pepper resin extract that may immobilise attackers in seconds.  Pepper spray is an inflammatory agent, causing the mucus membranes in eyes, nose, throat and lungs to inflame. It also causes immediate dilation of the capillaries of the eyes, causing temporary blindness and shortness of breath, resulting in coughing and extreme discomfort.
U R Safe supply a Western Australian made self-defence pepper spray, with a forceful stream which could save your life, or someone else’s.

We have 3 sizes available to ORDER ONLINE NOW: 10g Pepper Spray, 45g Pepper Spray, 75g Pepper Spray. Order in bulk and SAVE!
*Only available in WA & NT. Courier delivery only.

Pepper Spray Could Protect You From:

Rape, sexual assault, domestic violence, assault, home invasion, abduction, dog attack, attempted murder.

Some Pepper Spray Effects and Benefits

  • Could stop attackers in seconds, and the effects can be felt for up to 20 minutes.
  • Easy to use: simply turn safety latch, point canister at attackers face, press the nozzle for a couple of seconds and run to safety.
  • The pepper spray has a spraying distance of approximately 2 metres, eliminating the need to get close to your attacker or attackers, which can assist in giving you time to run to safety and raise an alarm.
  • Pepper spray can be effective on individuals who are under the influence of alcohol or drugs, and may otherwise not feel pain.
  • Pepper sprays can be more effective than other personal safety devices, as your attacker can be instantly immobilized, as opposed to a personal loud alarm in a deserted, dark, lonely area, where help is not close.
  • The pepper spray is small enough to carry in your hand bag, pocket, or in your bedside table. Please see FAQ’s regarding legal reasons for carrying pepper spray.
  • If you feel you are at risk of attack, such as women walking alone at night, or you’re an elderly citizen, pepper spray could be the best form of protection for you.
  • If you are attacked better to have a pepper spray than nothing at all.

Pepper Spray Perth

U R Safe supplies pepper spray in Perth and throughout Western Australia, where it is legal to sell and own. It comes in three different sizes (10g, 45g, & 75g).

If you are a person who has reasonable grounds, a suspicion or belief that they will require the “pepper spray” to defend themselves, (For example working in areas of isolation, where a woman is walking home alone at night after work), you may well have reasonable grounds for carrying pepper spray. The elderly or vulnerable people might also be in that category.

Is pepper spray legal in Australia?

Pepper spray is legal to own in Perth and Western Australia. Unlike other states pepper spray is considered a controlled weapon in Western Australia, this means it is legal, but is restricted in Western Australia.

In the Northern Territory it is legal to purchase and own pepper spray, it is however a prohibited weapon and cannot be used in a self-defence situation with another person, it can however be used for the purpose of defence against Dingo’s and other dangerous animals.

U R Safe have supplied hundreds of units of pepper spray to mining companies in Western Australia and the Northern Territory for the sole purpose of protection against dangerous dogs (Dingos) and other animals.

Where to buy pepper spray?

It is legal to sell pepper spray Western Australia but, it is illegal Australia wide, to import pepper spray and you may be at risk of hefty penalties for doing so. Purchasing a locally produced West Australian product is a safe and legal option.  U R Safe will only supply to areas in Australia where it is legal to do so. All of our pepper sprays are couriered to your door step.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can I have pepper spray to protect myself?

Pepper Spray is described under the Western Australian Weapons Act as a “controlled weapon”. In the case of “pepper spray”, regulation 7(2) of the Weapons Act permits a person to carry it for lawful defence, if that person has, on reasonable grounds, a suspicion or belief that they will require the “pepper spray” to defend themselves. It should be noted that the burden of proof to show that the person had this “reasonable belief or suspicion” remains with the person found carrying it. That still means not everyone can just start carrying pepper spray for self-defence.

Who is pepper spray commonly used by?

Young women, single women, disabled, elderly citizens, pensioners, families, shift workers, general public, mining companies.

When should I replace my pepper spray?

Your pepper spray should be replaced every 12 months from the date of purchase or after use.

How many times can I use my pepper spray?

Once only, then replace it, you need to have a full canister of pepper spray, so you know you have enough, should the need arise.

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$34 each when ordering 3+

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