Roller Barrier fencing is an effective yet ‘non-aggressive’ anti-climb barrier system with an unobtrusive appearance.

The system consists of ungrippable roller cups that can be fitted to gates, fencing, wall, and/or building fascia to:

  • Keep people within, or out of, a walled or fenced area
  • Stop people climbing onto flat roofs
  • Prevent damage caused by ‘Free Runners’
  • Stop people walking along vulnerable pipework

The Roller Barrier system is available in a single, double, or trip row, with our experienced team previously providing Roller Barrier fencing to:

  • Mental Health Facilities
  • Youth Training Centres
  • A variety of facilities requiring additional security options

The Roller Barrier system is applicable to businesses and homeowners who seek a highly effective yet subtle security solution.

Components of a Roller Barrier System

The Roller Barrier system consists of three main components outlined below:

  • The roller cup is made from the engineering-grade polymer polycarbonate, which is virtually unbreakable, able to withstand physical attacks, and highly resistant to the effects of fire and UV. The large width is too big for a hand to hold, with rotational capacities that create an unstable barrier.
  • The central shaft is made of quality aluminum (BS6082). The shaft comes in 2-meter lengths and can be joined together using a special joining spigot, or cut shorter to suit your requirements.
  • The mounting breaks are available as stock brackets or custom-made bespoke breaks. The stock brackets are available for single, double, or triple row installations.

The compounds work together to create an anti-climb barrier.

Benefits of a Roller Barrier System

  • Safe, effective, non-aggressive anti-climb barrier (no risk of causing impalement type injury).
  • Simple to incorporate into new builds.
  • Easy to retrofit to existing structures.
  • Suitable for use in almost any environment.
  • Colour options to blend with surroundings.
  • Standard and bespoke solutions available.
  • Long, maintenance-free life expectancy.
  • Quick and easy to Install.

Rolling Barrier System Installation

This system is reasonably simple to install (particularly as a single row), which can be installed by many roofers and allied security professionals. Our team of Silver Member ASIAL security professionals (Australian Security Industry Association Limited) can also assist with installations, especially for the more complex double and triple row installations.

Introducing Roller Barrier Brochure

Selecting and Installing Roller Barrier Brochure

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