Safe Supply & Installation

At U R Safe, we supply and install a wide variety of safes to keep your valuables, cash, firearms, and medications secure. With over 30 years of experience in the security industry and as Silver Members of ASIAL, we possess an abundance of technical and legal knowledge about the installation of safes. 

Our complete range of Guardall safes are available for purchase through our website, with delivery anywhere in Australia. When you buy from us, we also arrange for installation across all states including WA, NSW, QLD, and VIC.

Floor Safe Installation

Floor safe installation refers to the placement of a safe either secured to the floor’s surface, or within the floor (referred to as ‘in-floor’). Our safe technicians will help you choose the most ideal location for your in-floor safe, and install it as per its particular requirements.

Installing a safe within flooring involves digging out a space in the ground for the safe to sit in and pouring concrete around it. This method is highly secure and provides a premium level of protection against fire and potential burglars.

Wall Safe Installation

Wall mounting is a very common and secure method of safe installation. It’s well suited to smaller, lightweight safes such as key safes and drug safes, as opposed to more heavy-duty styles. It’s extremely important that, with any safe installation, the correct methods and equipment are used to complete the task. Attempting to install a safe without the necessary experience and knowledge may result in:

  • damage to the property or the safe
  • injuries to your person
  • easier access for thieves
  • safe may become a safety hazard if not wall mounted correctly

Ensuring your safe is installed by safe technicians such U R Safe will ensure you avoid these potential problems. We’ll ensure the manufacturer’s standards are correctly implemented and provide you with many years of safe, secure storage.

Gun Safe Installation

The installation of gun safes requires in-depth knowledge of the laws and regulations of each state and territory. At U R Safe, our experts possess a wealth of knowledge to ensure your safe is installed legally and in line with respective requirements.

Our range of Guardall gun, rifle, and ammunition safes are suitable for both recreational and professional applications. These safes are able to be wall or floor-mounted depending on your requirements.

Security Vault Installation

At U R Safe, we also supply and install security vaults and safety deposit boxes for homes and businesses such as banks, police stations, and pharmaceutical companies. During the building stage, we work with your builder or architect to construct your security vault to the project’s specifications.

As a premium security product, security vaults and safety deposit box installation may be customised, and additional storage added if your storage needs were to increase in the future.

Security & Safe Installation Experts

U R Safe offer stress-free, competitively priced safe installation near you. Our expert team have extensive experience installing safes in homes and businesses, and at government organisations and law enforcement bodies.

Check out our complete range of Guardall safes below, or get in touch with us to chat about your security needs.