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In the first week of February 2021, we’ve seen homes threatened and engulfed by fires, whilst opportunist thieves steal valuables from empty homes. Although we cannot control fire and thieves, safes can protect priceless valuables so that you’re not left empty-handed. But how do you know, ‘how safe is the safe’? A safe’s cash and fire rating provides an indication of the level of protection to expect. You’re also provided with a legal document that can be used for insurance purposes. So what is a cash and fire rating, and how are safe ratings determined? 


Safe Cash Ratings 

A safe’s cash rating refers to the combined value of possessions (e.g. money and jewellery) that can be insured within the safe. Cash ratings look at the performance (e.g. amount of time it takes for a burglar to gain entry) and construction (e.g. materials, locking mechanisms, quality and type of locks) of the safe.

With the above criteria taken into consideration, a safe will receive a cash rating between $5,000 to $50,0000 in an unmonitored situation, with a higher cash rating indicating a greater degree of protection. However, when an alarm system is in place, the cash rating can be doubled depending on your insurance policy. It’s important to check your insurance policy when you’re looking to insure your contents, with many policies requiring safes to be installed in accordance with manufacturers instructions. This could mean that the safe needs to be installed by professionals. 


Safe Fire Rating 

A safe’s fire rating provides an indication of the level of protection against fire, by determining how long your possession will be protected in a fire situation. Fire ratings range from 30mins to 4hrs, and are determined by underwriter Laboratories or Industry testing authorities including the Australian and New Zealand Standards (AS/NZS). Safes are tested using a range of criteria including: 

  • Fire Endurance 
  • Fire and Impact Test 
  • Explosion Hazard Testing 
  • Combined Explosion and Impact Test 

It’s important to note that safes are often designed to protect a certain type of material such as paper and jewellery or electronics and data. Furthermore, safes are often designed to either protect against burglary or fire, but there is a range of options available that provide protection in both situations. 


Check out our range of safes, or contact us today if you’re struggling to find the right safe. At U R Safe, we’ll make sure you are safe. 

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