FLD3 Deposit Safe


The FLD3 Deposit Safe is a heavy duty electronic safe with high-quality keypad lock for easy access; ideal for multiple users who can simply remember your unique pin code.

Guardall money safes are sized to store large sums of money, documents or other valuables, while concealing it or mounting your money safely to a wall or floor. Perfect for homes or businesses.


  • Anti fishing front positioned hatch for under counter access
  • 12mm door 6mm body
  • High quality digital UL lock
  • Secondary re-locking mechanism in case of tampering
  • 25mm boltwork
  • Bolt holes in base for anchoring
  • Suggested $35000 cash rating

Weight: 100kg
Dimensions: 450 D x 570 W x 750 H
Please note: Depth measurement does not include the handle, keypad or hinges. Please allow 50mm.

Alternatives include the FLD1, FLD2, FLD5 and FLD6 safes.

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    FLD3 - Guardall Digital Home & Business Safe
    FLD3 Deposit Safe