KS2-ID High Security Deposit Safe


The Guardall KS2-ID high security deposit safe boasts a heavy duty safe with interior shelves, a high quality keypad lock, and unbreakable security.

Perfect for businesses or homes looking to store large amounts of cash safely away from intruders or fire.


  • High quality digital UL lock
  • 12mm solid plate steel door
  • 32mm boltwork
  • 12mm heat treated hard plate protecting lockwork
  • Secondary re-locking device in case of tampering
  • Adjustable shelving
  • Bolt down facility in the base of the safe for secure anchoring to any surface
  • Fire resistant for 1 hour
  • Sturdy hammertone polyurethane exterior finish
  • Recommended insurable cash rating in an unsupported situation $100000
  • Also available are different locking configurations, including: time delay, dual users, key and electronic combination, single and dual key locks.

Weight: 535kg
Dimensions: 500 D x 580 W x 750 H
Please note: Depth measurement does not include the handle, keypad or hinges. Please allow 50mm.

Alternatives include the KCR1-IDKCR1-ISKCR-2D and KS2-CDM safes.

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    KS2-ID - Small Guardall Business & Home Safe
    KS2-ID High Security Deposit Safe