GKC80 Key Safe Cabinet


Guardall GKC80 key safe cabinets are medium sized key safes, and store up to 80 keys with numbered hooks for easy use and organisation.

It has a robust build with a digital keypad for quick and efficient access, with anchoring holes on the back to be securely mounted on walls.

Guardall key safes are made of a sturdy steel construction, with neatly finished edges and an installation kit consisting of screws, washers and wall mounts.


  • Heavy duty acrylic key tags and rings
  • 2 x spare key tags and rings with each cabinet
  • 4 x post note magnets with each cabinet
  • 2 x entry keys with each cabinet
  • Installation screws, washers and wall plugs
  • 80 Key Hooks

Weight: 5.7kg
Dimensions: 65 D x 375 W x 500 H

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    GKC80 Key Safe Cabinet