B1500ETDR – Floor Safe


Guardall floor safes are built from heavy duty solid steel construction, when fully encased in cement this floor safe is impenetrable and is recommended as your best option for concealing and securing your valuables within your floor or walls. The B1500ETDR floor safe comes with a thick plated steel door with solid steel locking bolts and a spacious interior. The safe has a high-quality digital keypad lock and secondary relocking systems for added security. Additionally, the spring loaded door allows the door to open smoothly. Wall and floor safes are commonly used by restaurants, petrol stations, business and homeowners.
High quality digital UL lock
Secondary relocking device
12mm door
Hard plate to protect lock area
Spring loaded door for ease of opening
Removable door to aid installation and service work
Flush fitting lid to aid concealment and fire protection
Suggested insurable cash rating in an unmonitored situation $30000

Weight: 50kg

Dimensions: EXT: 320 X 370 X 315D
INT: 300 X 350 X 180D

Alternatives include the B1500E and B1800E floor safes.

B1500ETDR - Floor Safe
B1500ETDR – Floor Safe


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