KCR510 High Security Safe


Protect your valuable documents, collectables, and cash in the Guardall KCR510 high security, fire resistant safe. Cash rated to $250000 and fire resistant up to 60 minutes, this safe is ideal for businesses such as jewellers, banks, cinemas, hotels, plus much more!


  • High quality digital UL lock
  • Solid 32mm 4-way bolt work with multiple locking points on the door
  • Steel mesh in all 6 sides of the safe encapsulated in concrete & refractory materials making up the slab, body and door thickness all 90mm
  • Hardened steel plate covering all vital locking points
  • Secondary re-locking mechanism in case of tampering
  • Two adjustable shelves
  • Large heavy grade steel block hinges
  • One recessed bolting point in the base of the safe for secure anchoring to any surface
  • Recommended insurable rating in an unsupported situation $250000.00
  • Fire rating 60 minutes (1 hour)

Weight: 240kg
Dimensions: EXT: 510H X 435W X 450D
INT: 355H X 255W X 220D
Please note: Depth measurement does not include the handle, keypad or hinges. Please allow 50mm.

Alternatives include the KCR1, KCR3, KCR4 and KCR615 safes.

KCR510 High Security Safe


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