DP300/STUV- Money Safe


The Guardall DP300 Money Safe is a money safe box made of reinforced steel. The lock is pick resistant with door locking bolts and corrosion resistant finish to keep the money safe fresh and long lasting. Perfect for storing cash, jewellery, passports and valuables. Have peace of mind knowing your valuables are securely stored. Additionally, with mountable holes in the bottom and back, your safe can be bolted onto a wall or floor for extra protection.

Slot on face for under counter access
6mm door 3mm body
Pick resistant 6 lever lock
Bolt holes on base for anchoring

Weight: 14kg

Dimensions: 260 D x 280 W x 300 H

Alternatives include the BF400D and DP450 safes.

DP300/STUV - Guardall Small Lock Safe
DP300/STUV- Money Safe


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