KCR1-ID – Large Money Safe


The KCR1-ID Guardall money safe is a large heavy duty safe with interior shelves. High-quality keypad lock for easy access; ideal for multiple users who can simply remember your unique pin code. Heavy duty steel construction and mounting holes to be anchored to the floor and wall. The design of this safe is made to give a high level of resistance to professional attack by means such as: drilling and grinding, oxy- acetelene cutting equipment, explosives, pneumatic and hydraulic tools. Guardall large money safes are sized to store large sums of money, documents or other valuables while concealing it or mounting your money safe to a wall or floor. Perfect for home or businesses to secure valuables. Built from reinforced steel and solid bolt locking bars for unbreakable security.
High quality digital UL lock
Solid 32mm bolt work with multiple locking points on the door
Steel mesh in all 6 sides of the safe encapsulated in concrete & refractory materials making up the slab, body and door thickness all 90mm
Hardened steel plate covering all vital locking points
Secondary re-locking mechanism in case of tampering
Large heavy grade steel block hinges
Bolt down facility in the base of the safe for secure anchoring to any surface
External posting slot and 1 adjustable shelf
Dual key inner custody compartment
Recommended insurable rating in an unsupported situation $200000.00
Also available are different locking configurations, including time delay, dual user, key and electronic combination, single and dual user locks.
Please note: Depth measurement does not include the handle, keypad or hinges. Please allow 50mm.

Weight: 589kg

Dimensions: 530 D x 580 W x 630 H

Alternatives include the KCR1-IS, KCR-2D, KS2-CDM and KS2-ID safes.

KCR1-ID - Small Guardall Business & Home Saf
KCR1-ID – Large Money Safe


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