SecureMax FencingU R Safe are Western Australia’s security fencing specialists. We supply, install and maintain, Securemax 358 security fencing; an Australian made, anti-cut, anti-climb security fencing system.

Securemax is anti-corrosive and has an appearance that is almost transparent, whilst providing the highest anti-climb and anti-penetrative barrier protection; making it aesthetically pleasing whilst maintaining the highest level of perimeter security.

Securemax 358 mesh fencing is the ideal fencing option for:

    • Correctional and detention centre security fencing
    • Gas pipelines security fencing
    • Balustrade security Fencing
    • Hospital fencing
    • Safety screening and anti-climb for railways and bridges
    • Airports
    • Shipping yards and ports
    • Walkway security fencing
    • Maximum security window grilles
    • Machinery/car yard fencing
    • An abundance of industrial and commercial security fencing purposes

Perimeter Fencing

Securemax 358 perimeter fencing sets a unique standard of security, being several times harder to penetrate than other high security fencing, while blending into the surrounding environment.

The almost transparent appearance allows for clear CCTV surveillance, making it an ideal perimeter fencing system for commercial, industrial, civil and government projects, where both public safety and asset security is paramount.

The Securemax fencing system can be used in conjunction with Croc Top fencing spikes, as well as electric fencing systems, for the most efficient high security solution.

We also supply 358 security gates, providing high-end security from unwanted vehicle and foot traffic, whilst providing maximum visuals of the perimeter entry points.

Anti Climb Fence

Having an anti-climb fence for many industrial and commercial purposes is as much about safety as it is about security, for both your work force and the general public.

Anti-climb gates are another great way to protect not only your perimeter but again provide safety for workers and the general public.

Anti-climb mesh is essential across:

    • footbridges
    • railways and crossings
    • electrical, water and gas substations
    • airports and shipping ports.
    • Mine sites and much more

Securemax 358 Installation Cost

U R Safe are the security fencing specialists, we work with our client’s individual requirements, to provide you with the right solution.

The team at U R Safe have completed many government and private contracts all over Western Australia, our highly professional team are all registered with ASIAL and the WA Police.

Contact our team today for a free quote and find out more about Securemax 358 high security fencing solutions.

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