At U R Safe, we provide expert security fencing services in Perth and throughout regional Western Australia.

We offer installation, monitoring, and repairs on our extensive range of perimeter security fencing supplies, including electric fencing, anti-climb croc-top, roller barrier, Corromesh, razor wire, and SecureMax fencing. 

As a trusted Silver Member of ASIAL (Australian Security Industry Association Limited) with over 30 years of experience in security fencing, our team is committed to providing high-quality fencing products and services for your commercial, industrial, and government needs.

We’ve worked on worksites, civil works, developments, and projects for federal and local government agencies. Additionally, our fencing products are approved by Water Corp and Western Power.

Commercial Security Fencing

At U R Safe, we supply, install, and repair commercial security fencing for small to large-scale businesses throughout Western Australia. We offer top security fencing for businesses, from Corromesh (corrugated metal) and palisade fencing to anti-climb croc-top security fencing, gates, and more. 

As leading commercial fencing contractors in Perth, we’re also available to install and maintain any security fencing products we supply. Contact us today, and we’ll help you find the right security fencing solution to fit and secure your business.

Industrial Fencing

Industrial security fencing and gates are a government requirement for many industrial businesses and work sites. With industrial-specific security perimeter fencing, you can protect and monitor your property from vehicle traffic, theft, vandalism, and other security risks associated with your operations. 

For top fencing options suited to industrial applications, we recommend SecureMax, Razor Wire, and electric fencing as our industrial best-sellers. Get a detailed quote to secure your operations by calling us at 0419 937 229 today.

Residential Security Fencing

As leading security fencing suppliers in Perth, we understand your desire to feel safe and secure at home. We’ve helped homeowners across Perth and WA deter intruders while maintaining an attractive property with our croc-top security fencing options. 

Our range of croc-top fencing is available for online ordering and delivery to your door; plus, we’ll supply and install your fencing to colour-match your current fence and maintain your property’s aesthetic.

Rural Fencing

As a rural fencing supplier in Perth, we offer shipping, installation, and repair services for various fencing products. Our expertise extends from farm security fencing to perimeter fencing for mine sites and rural civil works. Our rural security fencing solutions help protect your property from various threats, including:

  • Unwanted traffic
  • Theft
  • Vandalism
  • Animals such as wild dogs & kangaroos

We specialise in croc-top fencing and electric fencing, which are particularly effective for ensuring safety and security. For example, we recently installed chain wire electric fencing for NBN satellite dishes and substations throughout regional WA.

Fencing Rental Perth & Western Australia

Are you looking for a temporary or long-term fencing rental in Perth? At U R Safe, we have a range of fencing hire solutions to suit civil works, events, building worksites, and industrial developments.

We can even provide temporary fencing for animals when moving locations or requiring them to be at events. Contact us today to organise your fencing rental in Perth!

Security Fence Installation, Maintenance & Repairs

At U R Safe, we handle your perimeter security, from installation and monitoring to complete repairs. 

We proudly provide complete fencing installations in Perth and Western Australia, with an expert team ready and available to travel to remote locations. Contact us to discuss and organise your tailored quote today.

Need assistance repairing a damaged fence? At U R Safe, we provide tailored expertise and maintenance services for complete security fencing repairs in Perth and throughout regional WA.

Trusted Fencing Contractors in Perth

U R Safe is one of Perth’s leading security fencing contractors. Our experienced team have worked on projects all over Western Australia, including the NBN project, the Christmas Island detention centre, and numerous other large private and government projects. Our team is highly experienced, available to travel, and will only complete work of the highest calibre. 

Security Fencing Types

As Perth’s leading supplier of security fencing solutions, our team is here to advise on the level of security and type of fencing required for your specific project, ensuring you receive a solution that meets your exact needs. Contact us today for a free quote, or explore our wide range of security fencing products below!

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