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Security Vaults

U R Safe supply, install and monitor Guardall Security Vaults. Vaults are the perfect solution for securing large storage spaces, which are dedicated to the protection of assets, restricted goods and valuables.

Vaults are ideal for both government and corporate institutions such as, police stations and pharmaceutical companies. Safe vaults are regularly used by businesses looking to secure assets and documents that exceed the space of a standard safe.

If you need advice, contact our highly experienced team today to discuss your security requirements.

Safety Deposit Boxes

Guardall Safety Deposit Boxes are constructed of solid polished stainless steel. Inside each safety deposit box is a heat and impact resistant durable lightweight bond box made of heavy-duty poly-propylene. Every box has a numbering system which is determined by the customer. The numbering system is white intaglio characters on a durable black plastic. There is a choice of locking systems for the safety deposit boxes, either dual key where the customer holds one key and the institution holds the other, and they work simultaneously together to open the box. The other locking system offered is the Guardall Electronic Control Locking System; please contact us to discuss this diverse system.
There are seven different box configurations which can be used with one another to create the mix type that the customer needs. All the configurations are 35 ¾” wide (908mm) and vary in height from 3” (76.2mm), 5” (127mm), 10” (254mm) and 15” (381mm). They can be stacked upon each other to form a tower of boxes that suits the room height. The seven box configuration types are:

  • SDB 3X5 (6 compartments)
  • SDB 5X5 (6 compartments)
  • SDB 3X10 (3 compartments)
  • SDB 5X10 (3 compartments)
  • SDB 10X10 (3 compartments)
  • SDB 15X10 (3 compartments)
  • SDB 15X15 (2 compartments)

Safety Deposit Box Accessories

  • Pull out shelf, which can be mounted between the SDB configurations. This makes it easy to place your valuables on for inspection or rearranging.
  • Bases, a heavy channel steel base with stainless steel trim and levelling legs.
  • Ladder, a 2 or 3 step ladder to meet the height required to access the deposit safes box

Security Vaults & Safety Deposit Boxes

KS Strongroom Doors Security Vaults


Security Vaults & Safety Deposit Boxes

Safety Deposit Boxes

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