KS Series

The KS range of safes meet both IATA travel and pharmacy guild specifications for secure storage.

  • 12mm Solid plate steel door
  • 32mm Boltwork
  • 12mm heat treated hard plate protecting lockwork
  • Secondary re-locking device in case of tampering
  • Adjustable shelving
  • Bolt down facility
  • Fire resistant for 1 hour
  • Sturdy hammetone polyuretane exterior finish
  • Recommended insurable cash rating in an unspported situation $30,000
  • Also available are different locking configurations, including: time delay,
    dual users, key and electronic combination, single and dual ley locks.

KS1Ext 630mmExt 580mmExt 500mm510 Kg
Int 500mmInt 430mmInt 345mm
KS2Ext 750mmExt 580mmExt 500mm535 Kg
Int 620mmInt 430mmInt 345mm
KS4Ext 1100mmExt 650mmExt 620mm600 Kg
Int 970mmInt 520mmInt 450mm
KS7Ext 1400mmExt 650mmExt 670mm800 Kg
Int 1270mmInt 520mmInt 430mm