K-CR Series

The K-CR series is ideal where maximum security is necessary.  The situations include jewellers,
banks, high cash turn over outlets eg resuaurants, pubs, nighclubs, supermarkets & cinemas, to name
a few

The design of these safes are made to give a high level of resistance to professional attack by
means such as: drilling and grinding, oxy-acetelence cutting equipment, explosives, pnuematic
and hydraylic tools.

  • High quality USA manufactured Lagard Digital Lock
  • Solid 32mm 4-way bolt work with 12 locking points on the door
  • Steel mesh in all 6 sides of the safe
  • Enscapuleted in concrete & refactory materials making up the slab
  • Body and door thickness all 90mm
  • Hardened steel plate covering all vital locking points
  • Secondary re=locking mechanism in case of tampering
  • Two adjustable shelves
  • large heavy grade steel block hinges
  • Two recessed bolting points in the base of the safe for secure anchoring to any surface
  • Recommended insurable rating in an unsupported situation $100,000


Download 'K-CR Series' brochure (772Kb PDF)

K-CR1Ext 630mmExt 580mmExt 530mm580 Kg
Int 500mmInt 430mmInt 345mm
K-CR3Ext 900mmExt 580mmExt 530mm680 Kg
Int 770mmInt 430mmInt 345mm
K-CR4Ext 1100mmExt 740mmExt 780mm793 Kg
Int 920mmInt 540mmInt 530mm
K-CR7Ext 1400mmExt 740mmExt 780mm1000 Kg
Int 1200mmInt 540mmInt 530mm
K-CR9Ext 1700mmExt 740mmExt 780mm1300 Kg
Int 1520mmInt 560mmInt 547mm
K-CR9EExt 1700mmExt 1040mmExt 1140mm2000 Kg
Int 1520mmInt 880mmInt 905mm