The design of this safe is made to give a high level of resistance to professional attack by means such as: drilling and grinding, oxy- acetelene cutting equipment, explosives, pneumatic and hydraulic tools

  • High quality USA manufactured La Gard digital lock and S & G dial combination lock for long lasting reliability
  • Two solid 30mm locking through bolts  and large heavy grade steel hinges
  • Solid steel plate and concrete filled door for excellent attack resistance
  • Steel mesh in all 6 sides of the safe encapsulated in concrete & refractory materials making up the slab, body and door thickness all 90mm
  • Extra hardened steel plate covering all vital locking points
  • Secondary glass re-locking mechanism in case of tampering
  • Sturdy hammertone polyurethane exterior finish
  • Bolt down facility in the base of the safe for secure anchoring to any surface
  • Heavy duty deposit drawer dropping directly into a dual key inner custody compartment
  • Heavy duty change drawer
  • Suggested insurable rating in an unsupported situation $200,000

Also available are different locking configurations, including time delay, dual user, key and electronic combination, single and dual user locks.

Download 'KCR-2D' brochure (678Kb PDF)

KCR-2DExt 695mmExt 600mmExt 585mm550 Kg