The Difference Between Home And Office Safes

Home And Office Safes

With so many models of security safes out on the market, you may be left wondering what’s the difference between home and office safes? There’s no doubt that safes are a logical choice when securing valuable or sensitive items, however finding the right home or office safe to suit your needs can be a tough and confusing decision. 

To find the best model that will safely secure your items, you wish to consider some of the following factors when choosing a safe.

How Much Use Will My Home And Office Safe Safe Get?

For a domestic home safe, there’s a high likelihood that the items stored within it will only be periodically accessed from time to time. Think passports, birth certificates and jewellery, you’ll unlikely be needing to access these items on a daily basis. Personal safes, whilst secure, are often placed in an inconspicuous location. In fact, a key feature of the best home safes is the fact that they can easily be disguised in walls, floors and other areas of your home. 

In contrast, an office safe is often prone to daily activity, especially when multiple people will need to access it throughout the day. Consider any important documents, cash or keys that are integral to your business and that will need to be locked away at the end of each day. With daily activity, this also means that, whether intentional or not, office safes are subject to tampering, even in an innocent event when an employee forgets how to open the safe. 

In response to this, you may wish to opt for a dual key safe or a similar option that would provide added security. As it requires 2 keys, a dual key safe is a great way to ensure that an extra witness is present as the office safe is opened and closed. Many businesses have a policy that ensures that at least 2 witnesses are on hand when money and sensitive items are transported or stored. 

Safe Cash Ratings

A quality safe will be manufactured in accordance with a particular safe rating. Without the presence of additional monitoring, a safe cash rating can vary from $5,000 to $50,000 with higher-rated safes offering increased defence against theft. For a small home safe, it’s understandable that you may not require the added features of a business safe.

If you operate a business that expressly deals in high-value items, understanding your insurance policy is crucial, as it may detail the specific steps (such as professional installation) that will need to be taken, in order to uphold your policy. 

How Much Do I Need To Store In My Safe?

Buying a suitable safe is not simply a matter of stuffing your valuables into any lockable box. Before selecting your home or office safe, you may wish to conduct a quick inventory of all the items that will be stored inside it. From a safe the size of a shoebox to a full-sized cabinet safe, a range of options is available on the market. Whether it’s a few pieces of heirloom jewellery or multiple documents, firearms and other equipment, selecting the right safe that is rated to the type of goods stored within it, is crucial for the safety of your home and business. 


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