Top Reasons Why You Should Have A Professional Safe In Your Home

So maybe you have thought about having a home safe but decided it wasn’t worth the worry, expense, or trouble. Maybe you are thinking “it won’t happen to me”. The truth is, your home is the most valuable asset you own. There is nothing more precious than your home. In your home, like most people, you store your valuables both the sentimental and the expensive. Often just having an alarm system and good locks won’t stop you from being burgled, or protect from the elements of a natural disaster. 

So here are our top reasons why you should have a professional safe in your home. 


Gun Safes

Gun Safes are a legal requirement. You will need to consider the quality of your gun safe, its placement and also having an ammunition safe separate from your firearms. If you own guns, you not only want to protect them from falling into the wrong hands but to protect your family. Kids are curious and if they know how to get into your safe, they may do something accidentally, without fully knowing what the consequences are. In Australia, suicide is the leading cause of death and injury from guns. Something we all want to protect our homes and community from.


Fireproof safes

Depending on where your home is located, you may be prone to the forces of nature, regardless, a fireproof safe should always be a consideration. Fireproof safes can protect your valuables for up to 120 minutes at around 35°C. Things like gold, documents, and cash can be saved during this time.

Something that may seem like a large outlay to start with, will show it’s value in a time of need. Waterproof protection chests are another option for those whose homes are at risk of flooding. No one can ever be ready for a natural disaster and the forces of extreme climate, but we can be somewhat prepared. 


Home Office Safes

Many homes now have a home office as a standard and particularly since COVID, home office/document and data safes are more relevant than ever. 

Where a home office was an added extra, it has now become, for many an essential space. Particularly for those who will continue to work from home as the way Australian businesses operate. Discs, documents, hard drives, and devices are all things that require secure storage and protection from both theft and fire; not to mention the security of sensitive data. 

For many working from home entails having company equipment at home, but how are you storing it when it’s not in use? Identity theft is a massive contributor to crime around the world and Australians suffering from this is on the rise. Protecting your customers and clients’ sensitive data is just as important as protecting your own.  

Many different office safes will suit a multitude of needs and is a potential tax deduction.


Precious Heirlooms and Jewellery

So what is the best way to house your precious heirlooms and jewellery? Many people may not be aware that most banks do not house their safety deposit boxes the way they used to. Although many companies rent safety deposit boxes, they aren’t always easily accessible and the cost can add up very quickly, depending on the size required and the contents. 

For most people a high quality safe to store expensive and irreplaceable items is perfect. They can be installed in the floors or hidden in the walls of your home. Things like engagement rings, 

Home break-ins in Perth are on the rise and the current climate has made room for more targeted theft. Some people may already know how it feels to be burgled and often what is taken is not worth anything to the thief, but everything to you. 

Having security cameras and alarms is always a good start, but 75% of burglars enter the property in less than 5 minutes. Most of those are not deterred by alarms or cameras. If you’re building your home, installing a safe during the build, is perfect as it can be placed in your slab. There is a huge range of safe sizes and categories to suit your home.  


Document Safes

A home document safe may seem strange, but protecting the valuable documents you and your family may hold is imperative. We mentioned earlier that home robbery/break-ins are on the rise and these are more targeted than ever. 

People are finding that they have been burgled, yet their cars are still there, their jewellery and cash are still there, but their laptop is gone and everything has been refiled through. This sadly is a sign that these people may be the victim of identity theft. 

These thieves target your documents, passports, licenses, marriage certificates, and devices. This allows them to use these documents to change and update your banking information and your social media accounts. They can make new photo documents with another person’s face and use all your details. They can hire/buy cars, open accounts, and take out loans. Sounds like a movie? Well, it’s unfortunately not, it’s the reality of the world we now live in. Document safes should always be fireproof and of high quality. Do your research, this kind of theft is difficult to stop and resolve. 

Home safes may seem a bit much, but depending on your situation, they may indeed be exactly what your home needs. Ensure you do your research and always have an accredited security expert do your installation. When looking for a professional to install your home security needs, check they are registered with the WA Police and ASIAL. Taking the cheaper quote may mean you’re putting your home and family at risk.

The Western Australian Police Force offers some great articles, hints and tips for protecting your home. Crime Stoppers home security PDF also offers some great hints. 

For expert advice, products and installation contact the team at U R Safe today.  

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