Top Security Fencing for Businesses

Will your business be closed during the public holidays? Have you implemented effective security measures to protect your assets? One of the most effective ways to protect your business over the holidays and throughout the decades is by having security fencing. Prevention is cheaper than repairing and needing to implement new strategies later. Reasons you will need a security fence are:

  • Preventing theft
  • Preventing graffiti and vandalism
  • Preventing trespassers
  • Protecting your business from weather elements
  • Privacy


Business Security

There is a range of commercial fencing options to keep dangers out. When it comes to security fencing for a commercial property, there are factors to consider depending on the industry and what kind of protection you require. This includes security level, aesthetic visual and material. Here are our top Security Fencing and recommendations for businesses.

Corromesh Fencing

Suited for:

  • Water, electricity, gas and rail facilities
  • Machine guard fencing for factories
  • Waterway and park fencing
  • Industrial developments

Corromesh Fencing is visually appealing and does not look like an aggressive prison gate. It is on the professional aesthetic side and is anti-climb and anti-cut with resistance to normal cutting tools. This is a great fence for businesses who want to still look sleek and still have a top security system. This will stop trespassers, vandals and malicious intent.

Secure Max Fencing

Suited for:

  • Stations – Train, bus, public transport
  • Retail/Shopping Establishments
  • Back dock/storage factory areas

Secure Max Fences are anti-climb and anti-cut. These are an excellent option for high traffic public areas and workspaces. It does not have any harming properties, yet provokes intruders with its intimidating appearance. This is perfect for preventing graffiti and vandalism on properties. Secure Max Fences are a professionally styled strong galvanised rail system. It has a modern aesthetic and provides a low impact visual appearance, perfect for suburban areas.

Razor Wire

Suited for:

  • Depots
  • Industrial sites
  • Civil contracting sites
  • Maritime shipping

If you are a larger business that deals with heavier, larger and expensive jobs, you may need to consider installing an intimidating security fence, such as a Razor Wire fence, to ward off the dangers of theft or damage. Razor wire is what many Military compounds and Prison facilities use, so Razor Wire Fencing is a great way to prevent malicious visitors. It is difficult to crush or trample and is hard to cut with standard tools.

Extra security tips businesses should implement:

  • Keep valuables out of window view.
  • Lock up valuables in safes or secure storage.
  • Use a functional CCTV security system and ensure all entrances and exits are well lit.
  • Use Alarm security systems and have an alarm response protocol.
  • Place Security Signs on the premises.


Fence Installation Perth

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