What Are The Best Home Safes in Perth?

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What are the best home safes in Perth and why do you need a safe?

Whether it is to store valuable or important items in a home, corporate office, hotel, commercial retailer or medical centre, it is worth investing in a safe for anyone carrying valuables. Depending on some industries, such as hospitals and pharmacies, you may need a safe due to the Australian regulations requiring government-approved storage.

U R Safe has been in the security industry for over 30 years. Our goal is to provide the best advice on security.

Safes add a layer of protection for important items such as cash, medication, documents or valuables. We distribute safes that are designed for extreme protection against theft, flood, fire or natural disasters for peace of mind.


Safety Deposit Boxes

U R Safe provides a range of deposit safes in Perth and provides Australia wide shipping. Our safes come in numerous sizes and varieties to ensure they suit any residential or commercial storage requirement. They offer a layer of protection and security for your items without having to pay establishment or annual fees that banks charge. We are able to advise you on the best spaces to install a safe, such as in the floor or uncommon hidden spaces.

Our safes are fire, torch and drill resistant. We supply and professionally install safes in Perth.

If you are looking for medical storage safe, read our Drug Safe Legality in WA article.

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Home Safe Perth

Home safes are ideal for storing cash, jewellery, small valuables, important documents such as a Will or personal belongings. It offers protection against fire and forced entry and gives you privacy in the safety of your own space.


Fire Safe Perth

With the extreme summer temperatures in Australia, you can never be too careful when it comes to fire safety. U R Safe provides fire safes that offer protection against fire, flood and natural disasters. View our range of fire-resistant safes. 


Gun Safe Perth

We offer the top range of gun safes in Australia. Gun safes are made to keep your guns and rifles safe and securely locked away to protect you from theft and potential harm. Ammunition safes are another important requirement to consider as an extra safety option, installed separately to house ammunition.

It is mandatory with legislative requirements for all firearms to be kept in safe storage in Perth. Australia’s gun laws and regulations states that “A person entitled to possess firearms or ammunition of any kind is to ensure that the firearms or ammunition are stored in accordance with this regulation. Firearms and ammunition are to be stored in a locked cabinet or container that at least meets the specifications described in Schedule 4 or in such other way as is approved”. 

U R Safe’s gun safe range is approved by the Australian Police and is suitable for both domestic and commercial applications. 


Safe Installation Perth

U R Safe offers a full delivery and installation service for our home safes in Perth. This ensures your safe is professionally handled to avoid incorrect installation or damage. With over 30 years of experience providing security products and services, we are Australia’s trusted accredited and licensed security professionals. As the leading provider of security equipment, our safe installation service is backed up by a high level of technical support, ongoing customer service and maintenance programs which are all compliant with Australian Standards. U R Safe Pty Ltd are 15-year members of the Australian Security Industry Association Ltd, and are WA Police licenced Agents and installers.

We have completed numerous large government and private perimeter security contracts, from security systems in prisons, NBN stations and more.


Buying a Safe in Australia

U R Safe offers the widest range of security safes in Perth, and have been for decades! We are proud silver members of ASIAL and our professional team is fully registered with ASIAL and the Western Australian Police. We deliver and install security safes Australia wide and are proudly Australian owned and operated. You can buy your next quality security safe with professional installation and the lowest priced safes in Australia! 

Need to know more about home safes in Perth? Contact the team at U R Safe on 0419 937 229 or sales@ursafe.com.au.


Check out our range of safes, or contact us today if you’re struggling to find the right safe. 

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