What If My Electric Fence Stops Working?

Often, we speak with people who ask “what if my electric fence stops working?”. There are a number of factors that can stop your electric fence from working:

  • Broken electric fence wires
  • Not enough voltage 
  • Faulty charger
  • Bad splice joint

Most of the time, an electric fence just needs some maintenance. Just like a motor vehicle or an air-conditioner, your electric fence will need servicing to perform at its highest capability and stay durable. It is strongly advised to contact a professional if your electric fence is not working. They are often small repairs, or on other occasions, your electric fence may need something additional. U R Safe offers Fence Repair services such as servicing and fencing maintenance for commercial, industrial and rural fencing throughout Western Australia.

Electric Fence Repair

Sometimes we get calls from people who say their electric fence isn’t doing its job. Electric fences are installed for a variety of reasons:

  • Keeping animals in a particular place like horses and cattle
  • Stopping intruders on commercial property 
  • Temporary electric fencing for building sites and horse shows. 
  • Protecting industrial machinery and assets
  • Guarding utility stations such as gas and power plants
  • Across freeway footbridges and railway crossings

We hear the words “my electric fence isn’t doing its job” a lot, which usually means it needs additional posts, a digital voltmeter or an inground post system.Whatever the issue, always contact a professional to maintain or repair your electric fence. You could save a lot of money, time, and personal injury by doing so. 

U R Safe stocks a range of security fencing, whether it be commercial, industrial, or rural, and can be installed professionally with our experienced team. We have Austwide shipping for our security fencing products and offer professional installation across Australia.

For all your security fencing, repairs, maintenance, and monitoring contact the friendly experts at U R Safe today to find out how we can tailor a security fencing solution to suit your needs. 

When looking for a professional to install your home security needs, check they are registered with the WA Police and ASIAL. Taking the cheaper quote may mean your putting your home and family at risk.

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