Why A Personal Fall Alarm Can Help Save Lives

Do you have a loved one that may require assistance with everyday living? A GPS fall alarm (also known as medical alarms) is a convenient, unobtrusive way to ensure that your family member will receive aid if the worst should happen. 

Each year, 37.7 million falls are serious enough to require medical attention, with falls being the second most common cause of injury behind traffic accidents. With falls increasing as winter approaches, this small piece of security is a must-have for seniors!

Personal fall alarms utilise the same SIM card technology found in mobile phones to notify pre-selected emergency contacts when a fall has occurred, sending out a notification with an accompanying GPS location link. 

What Are The Main Features Of A Fall Alarm?

Think about those slippery steps outside the shopping centre or even the path to your own home on a rainy day; a personal alarm device should be treated like any essential item and carried out with your wallet and keys each day, in fact, they can even be worn as a small pendant or wristwatch. 

In the event of an accident, users may not always be able to reach a phone which is why the alarm functions much like a mobile phone, simply press the alarm and talk with a designated contact. Certain alarms will also send out a notification to family members or carers when the alarm is pressed. 

Some other essential features include:

  • “Find Me” GPS function: A potential lifesaver for those with Alzheimer’s.
  • Weatherproofing: Our alarms can be worn in the shower or whilst enjoying the outdoors.
  • Safe Zone alert: Set up a virtual, geographic perimeter and be notified when the wearer has strayed too far from the area.

High-quality personal alarms for the elderly, such as our medical alarms, are even designed with automatic fall detection technology. With life-threatening emergencies, such as a stroke, the wearer may lose consciousness or mobility which is why the sophisticated automatic fall algorithm will alert contacts and activate the alarm.  


Personal alarms for seniors are an investment in safety for the whole family, giving your loved one’s peace of mind and confidence. Contact a U R Safe expert today to discuss your requirements.


*Stats from the World Health Organization.

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